Always Know Who to Call Next

The problem facing law firms:

“I’m never sure who—or when—to call.”

Communication breakdowns create bottlenecks and a case stays in limbo because you’re not staying in contact with the right people. You’re not following up on prospects, and your intake suffers because your team doesn’t have a system to get the information you need from new clients.

Meanwhile, you’re always sifting through files or other case management systems to find out who you need to contact. Which doctor is treating which client? Are you waiting on a police report to move things along?

How backdocket solves the problem:

The contact information you need is in front of you at all times.

Perfect your intake to cut down on follow-up calls

Nailing the intake process positions you for success. When you get all the information you need from a client, you’ll cut down on unnecessary chatter and show your client that you’re listening to every detail they give you. Backdocket can prompt you to ask the right questions and keep that information in a centralized, easily accessible document for all team members to see.

Stay in front of your prospects

Prospects easily get lost in the shuffle when you’re juggling a heavy workload. Don’t let a potentially valuable client slip through the cracks just because they didn’t make it all the way through the intake process. Backdocket helps you stay on top of prospects and their statuses, so you can be sure you’re bringing in the cases you want.

Save precious time on your client’s case by having information readily available

So much of handling a case is staying in contact with the long list of people you need to prod for vital information. Backdocket stores, locates, and auto-populates important contact information for all your ongoing cases. It will also let you know when it’s time to call someone who is needed to move the case forward.

Keep your referral network thriving

Referrals are a key source of revenue for so many law firms. But maintaining these relationships is yet another task easily overlooked when a to-do list becomes overwhelming. With backdocket, you can easily stay in contact with referring law firms and the clients they send your way. Your network will grow, and so will your firm.

Find out how backdocket keeps you moving forward

Whether you’re working to bring in prospects, corresponding with referring attorneys, improving your intake, or moving forward with your client’s case, you’ll always know who to contact and when to contact them. If you want to learn more about how backdocket can grow your firm, contact our team today.

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