Never Question the Status of a Case Again

The problem for law firms:

“Where are we at on that case?”

A case that could have been wrapped up weeks ago sits idly because no one knows its status. Maybe your client’s medical treatment is complete, and they’re waiting on you to move the case forward. Maybe you’re waiting on a police report that was received but misfiled.

When important steps get overlooked, clients wonder whether you’re really on top of things.

How backdocket solves the problem:

You’ll know the status of each case your firm is handling.

Always know what’s happening with your cases

Backdocket keeps a client’s case status in front of you. It alerts you when milestones are reached, and it automates processes so cases are always moving forward. We can integrate backdocket tasks and calendars with Office 365 and Google to streamline your workflow even more.

Timeline tracking for records requests

Instead of guessing whether a records request to a hospital or police department is hanging in limbo, you’ll know for sure who to contact when checking on the status of important documents. You and your client can rest assured that the hold-up is never on your end.

Free up your inbox by automating check requests

Backdocket allows you the ability to set up check request automation, so you won’t need to monitor your inbox for actionable items. Instead, you can make sure the request is always moving forward.

Learn more about improving your firm’s processes

If you have questions about backdocket, call our team today. We’ll explain what else backdocket offers your firm, and how we can help you hit the ground running.

Our onboarding process and ongoing support will ensure that records requests are automated or placed into your dashboard in a way that accommodates the way you want to work. Contact us anytime so we can tell you how to work smarter with backdocket.

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