Pricing That Can’t Be Beat

All the features you could ever need for a monthly rate of $39.99/user.

  • Customize fields to capture data about specific contacts
  • Secure fields so only certain users can update data
  • Upload digital signatures and initials for use on mail merge
  • Show relationships between contacts
  • Unlimited phone numbers, email addresses, and street addresses
  • Quickly see associated cases
  • Upload documents
  • Add notes
  • Associate contacts to record relationships
  • Customize fields to capture data during intake
  • Secure fields so only certain users can update data
  • Customize intake forms so only relevant data is shown during the interaction with the client
  • Manage chase life cycle so you always know which intakes you are still chasing, need to be referred, have won, or should reject
  • View all tasks for a specific user or claim
  • Receive a daily task digest email
  • Receive task completion and assignment notifications
  • Sync tasks to and from Outlook or Google
  • Track task status (pending, in progress, completed, behind schedule)
  • Customize fields to capture any data your firm feels is important
  • Secure fields so only certain users can update data
  • Customize forms so only relevant data is shown
  • Create tasks specific to that claim
  • Schedule events specific to that claim
  • Upload documents for the claim
  • Manage the claim’s ledger so expenses, settlements, and fees are visible and accountable
  • Add any number of associated contacts (judges, insurance company, doctors)
  • Create and track record requests for the claim
  • Quickly see calendar for entire firm
  • Filter calendar by user, or resource
  • Book resources (projector, conference room)
  • Schedule recurring events
  • Sync calendar to Outlook or Google
  • Define approval levels for requested checks
  • Smart workflow gets check requests in front of approvers in an automated manner that doesn’t require people to be constantly emailing about check requests
  • Audit log of all check requests and their status
  • Upload Word mail merge documents to be used in record requests or general client communication
  • Map any field in backdocket to merge documents. This includes addresses, phones, emails, ad hoc fields, signatures, and initials
  • Find contacts by a variety of options (name, email, address, SSN, phone, etc)
  • Clearly show relevant information about that contact; including minor, deceased, associated claims and the role on that claim
  • Find claims by a variety of options (number, alternate number, any custom field, etc)
  • Clearly show relevant information about that claim; including status, date of incident, synopsis, firm staff, claimant, associated contacts and their role on that claim
  • Firm dashboards let administrators tailor what the firm’s team sees
  • Create personal dashboards that hold the searches and KPIs that you care about, including Red/Yellow/Green KPI
  • Create dashboards targeted to users by role
  • Create dashboards with tailored user view access
  • Create searches to find claims based on any field associated with a claim
  • Criteria can include fields for claims, ledger entries, notes, record requests, contacts, lead information, and staff
  • Set to display whichever fields you want – for example, display claim name, handling attorney, claimant name, claimant home phone, and insurance adjuster’s business phone for all claims that have been won and are handled by the firm’s team and do not have a client contact note in the last 30 days
  • Advanced searches can be created by an individual or for the entire firm
  • Create shortcuts to other people’s advanced search
  • Use other advanced searches as a template to create your new searches faster
  • Sync a copy of your web data to your own local SQL Server in near real time
  • This allows you to go above and beyond functionality in backdocket by letting you create any report extended with any external data that you collect
  • Get real time notifications about incoming leads. For example, get caller information in real time
  • Create a new intake with contact information with one click
  • Pre-match against existing contacts with confidence rating so duplicates are not created
  • Any external system that can send a web hook can be connected: CallRail, Marketo, MailChimp, etc
  • Use market data and lead information in conjunction with claims to see how your marketing campaigns are performing

No Hidden Fees, Just One Flat Rate

At backdocket, we don’t believe in hiding essential features behind paywalls or charging exorbitant rates.

With our service, you’ll get access to every feature and functionality your firm needs for only $39.99 per user per month.

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Backdocket’s accounting function makes calculating the impact of any particular offer almost instantaneous. The notes section is also essential. It is so easy to use I can always count on staff keeping matters up to date so when I jump into a file, I know exactly what has happened and how to respond.
- Brian HodgkissInjury Lawyers
Backdocket is super efficient; the system allows you to gather and maintain all of the data you would normally store in your case management system but also create your own reporting using any specifications that you want to see. Having your data and reporting all in one program is very useful.
- Dudley DeBosierInjury Lawyers

This is our first intake management software. It has greatly improved our processes and we would certainly recommend it to other firms. I really like how we can customize it to generate reports.

- Caldwell Wenzel & AsthanaInjury Lawyers