Avoid as Many Non-Billable Hours as Possible By Streamlining Your Billing Process

Law firms rely on client billing and claim payments to stay financially viable. Taking care of billing is not only a draining ordeal, but the hours spent on the billing process are themselves generally non-billable, so it often feels like a lot of work for little reward.

In a business where time is money, it is crucial to streamline your billing process so you can focus more on your clients and less on your bookkeeping. Learn how to avoid as many non-billable hours as possible by streamlining your billing process with practice management software like backdocket.

Spend less time in the billing weeds and more time improving the client experience. More free hours in the day means more opportunities for your law firm and more billable hours for you.


Non-billable hours are the hours of “other” work you do at your job that your clients have no responsibility to pay for. These typically include hours dedicated to continuing legal education, networking, administrative tasks, errands, certain meetings, and billing and timekeeping.

It is not surprising that most lawyers avoid spending time on non-billable activities whenever possible. The problem is that most of these non-billable activities are unavoidable because they govern the smooth operation of your law firm. If you don’t spend time on your billing process, all those billable hours don’t mean much.


Reducing non-billable hours isn’t just about saving time; it’s a direct path to increased profitability. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Higher Billable-to-Non-Billable Ratio: Every minute freed up from administrative tasks, internal meetings, or inefficient processes translates into more time available for billable work. This shift in the ratio immediately impacts revenue generation.
  • Increased Capacity for Revenue-Generating Work: When lawyers aren’t bogged down by non-billable tasks, they can take on more cases and provide more in-depth counsel.
  • More Time for Client-Focused Tasks: Attorneys with more availability can dedicate more attention to each client’s needs, leading to faster and more personalized service. Happier clients are more likely to remain loyal, refer others, and contribute to the firm’s long-term success.
  • Optimized Billing Efficiency: Streamlining billing processes, automating repetitive tasks, and clearly defining billable activities ensure that every bit of client-focused work is accurately tracked and invoiced.

This is where practice management software is crucial. Backdocket turns your firm into experts at streamlining the billing process. Practice management software makes billing easier, from increased automation to cloud syncing technology. Read on to discover the specific benefits of a streamlined billing process, and watch us turn a billing mess into a billing success.


Many law firms now use practice management software to improve workplace organization and efficiency because these programs make it easier to keep track of and access important documents. But practice management software can also help you with the less glamorous aspects of your work, like taking care of billing.

Management software, like backdocket, includes particular features that can help make your billing process run more smoothly. When considering practice management software, look for these key features designed to help you cut down on non-billable hours.


If you’ve ever set up a monthly automatic payment for a service, you may already understand some of the benefits of automation. At a law firm, an automated billing process can keep you from falling behind on important payments like rent, utilities, and payroll for your firm.

Many practice management software programs allow you to set up automated invoice reminders. You can also customize your software to automatically send follow-up invoices as reminders when money is due.

With the reliability of automated billing, your employees can enjoy timely payments, and there’s nothing more motivating and rewarding than financial security.

Cloud Technology Syncing

Many people still hesitate a little when it comes to cloud technology. It can be hard to trust something invisible with our most important documentation. However, as a law firm, it is critical to embrace cloud technology if your goal is to decrease the hours you spend on non-billable activities like the billing process.

Cloud technology provides you with real-time data, meaning that the files you access contain the most current data available. This means no double-checking with past files or keeping track of a bunch of documents at once. With real-time data, you can be sure that the data you are using during the billing process is current, so you won’t have to go back and make updates or correct mistakes later.

In our post-pandemic world, remote work has become more popular. Cloud technology allows you to work on billing from anywhere, not just on your work computer. With untethered access to data, you can take care of the billing process anywhere from the courthouse to your back porch.


If you’re ready to cut down on non-billable hours by streamlining your billing process, backdocket has got you covered. With customized automation capabilities and free, unlimited cloud storage, we are well-equipped to handle the workload of even the largest law firms. Call us today or request a Free Demo to discover all of our helpful, user-friendly features.

Originally published August 15, 2022. Updated June 27, 2024.

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