Ideal Legal Tasks That You Can Carry Out on Your Phone

In the legal profession, smartphones are more than just tools for communication. With 85% of workers using their devices for work-related tasks, lawyers increasingly turn to their phones to manage their caseloads more effectively.

Smartphones allow for quick research, document management, and easy client communication. With mobile-compatible practice management software, you and your team can handle essential tasks on the go, keeping your team connected and efficient wherever they are.

Continue reading this blog to explore legal tasks you can do on your phone with backdocket to improve productivity and client services at your firm.

Calling Into Meetings Via Teams/Zoom

As a lawyer, your smartphone helps you stay on top of your practice with platforms like Zoom and Teams. With Zoom’s user base expanding to 300 million daily participants and a 728% spike in mobile app downloads, these tools are integral to modern legal work.

These integrated apps let you dial into critical client meetings from your car or participate in a virtual staff meeting from home. This ensures you’re always in the loop, whether it’s for last-minute strategy changes with your team or crucial case updates.

Your ability to connect from anywhere boosts your productivity and improves your client services, keeping you competitive with other legal firms in your area.

Updating Coworkers on Project or Personal Status Via Teams and Slack

To maintain seamless communication within your firm, you can use your smartphone to update coworkers on projects or personal status via Microsoft Teams or Slack. These platforms offer an efficient way to keep everyone informed, from sharing the latest developments in a case and adjusting deadlines to simply notifying your team of your current availability.

With instant messaging and the ability to share files or links, all relevant information is readily accessible to your team members on these platforms. This constant connectivity streamlines collaboration and supports a cohesive working environment for improved client outcomes.

Uploading Case-Related Documents

When managing legal cases, your smartphone is an essential tool for uploading case-related documents efficiently. With apps like Adobe Scan, you can snap a photo of a signed client agreement or scan a vital document and upload it directly to an all-in-one practice management software on your phone.

With centralized documents, it’s easy to access, share, and collaborate with your team in real-time. Whether you’re at court, in your home office, or meeting with a client off-site, this ensures critical documents are always at your fingertips for streamlined case management and better efficiency.

Signing Documents Digitally (Or Requesting Signatures)

The ability to sign documents digitally or request signatures directly from a smartphone streamlines the legal process for attorneys and paralegals. Programs like DocuSign and Adobe Sign are specifically designed to allow you to obtain secure and legally binding e-signatures.

For example, you can finalize a settlement agreement by signing it on your phone and immediately sending it to your client for their signature, all within minutes and without printing or scanning. This mobile-friendly capacity is invaluable for lawyers who need to execute contracts, non-disclosure agreements, or court documents quickly so cases can move forward without delay.


Time Tracking and Billing

Using your smartphone for time tracking and billing can change how you handle firm billing, allowing for more precise accounting. Mobile-friendly practice management software lets you easily track billable hours, expenses, and even non-billable tasks.

You can log into the software from any location at any time to accurately capture every billable moment and expense. Its intuitive features, including timers and customizable invoices, streamline caseload and financial management, boosting productivity and client confidence.

Calendar and Scheduling

Managing your calendar and scheduling is effortless when you use cloud-based practice management software through your smartphone. This technology allows your team to organize court dates, client meetings, and internal deadlines with just a few taps on their devices.

Whether in the office or on the move, you can quickly view your schedule, set reminders, and even reschedule appointments as needed, ensuring you never miss a deadline or meeting. Accessing your calendar through your mobile also supports collaboration with colleagues, helping you synchronize schedules and avoid conflicts.

Using Mobile-Integrated Practice Management Software

Mobile-friendly practice management software like backdocket gives you access to all the tools you need to do your work on the go. Accessible via smartphone, our platform offers full functionality with the same features available on your desktop or laptop, including:

  • Digital Signatures: Upload signatures for mail merges directly from your phone.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Tailor your backdocket dashboard to monitor Intake, Case Status, and marketing KPIs.
  • Intake Management: Receive real-time notifications of incoming leads, manage the chase life cycle, and customize fields for detailed contact data.
  • Calendar: Schedule events, book resources, and adjust views for individual or firm-wide schedules via Office 365 and Google integration.
  • Tasks: Automate your to-do list with task triggers and track task statuses efficiently.
  • Records Requests: Manage and track records request timelines from a unified view.
  • Search Functionality: Locate contacts and claims using any field, customizing search results to display essential information.
  • Check Approval: Automate check requests and manage claim ledgers with defined approval levels.
  • Cloud Storage: Benefit from free, unlimited cloud storage for all your firm’s documents.

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Integrating mobile technology in a legal practice is necessary for modern lawyers. By using backdocket on your smartphone, you can perform a wide range of legal tasks, from document management to scheduling to intake processes.

This mobile accessibility ensures you remain competitive and responsive, regardless of location. Schedule your free demo today to test backdocket’s capabilities, including mobile integration, and see how it can improve operations at your firm.

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