Choosing the Right Technology for Your Law Firm

No modern workplace is properly positioned for success without the right tools, and this includes law firms. But what is the right technology for your firm?

Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

Telecommunication Tools

For firms that weren’t already equipped to communicate remotely with both clients and staff members, the 2020 coronavirus pandemic taught some difficult lessons.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway was that telecommunications are no longer optional.

So, where do you begin? First, you need to have channels available to communicate via phone, text message, and video conferencing.

Though phones are ubiquitous, many firms have opportunities to improve upon their text and video chat options.

It’s important to have a text-based chat tool for all team members to communicate internally. Some of the most common options include Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts.

Having the capacity to meet with clients remotely is also essential.

Several of the text-based platforms listed above have video capabilities, but you can also rely on FaceTime, Zoom, GoToMeeting, or any other number of easy-to-use video chat platforms.

Practice Management Software

A practice management software helps you keep track of prospects, intake, ongoing cases, and follow-ups with former clients.

It can automate key processes and centralize information to empower your team members to move cases forward and establish a healthy dialogue with clients.

At backdocket, this is our area of expertise, and we’ve built a practice management software to accommodate the needs of small- to mid-size firms.

With fully customizable dashboards and intuitive workflows for all team members, we offer solutions to the most common obstacles facing law firms.

Legal Research Platforms

One of the fundamental needs of any law firm is access to a research tool.

There are several options available, including Westlaw, LexisNexis, Google Scholar Legal, Casemaker, Fastcase, and Casetext.

Each offers varying prices and usability, so research your options to determine which combination is the best fit for your firm.

Some states offer free databases that can be useful for law firms, so be sure to look into options in your state.

Tools for Establishing an Online Presence

Law firms must have a presence online if they want to be found by potential clients.

Creating your own website is the first step; you should also create a profile on the major social media platforms and make sure to frequently post there.

Email marketing tools will also help nurture a database of potential leads, existing clients, and former clients.

Once you establish your online presence, you should monitor engagement to determine when and how to optimize your website, social media platforms, and email campaigns for best results.

You can designate someone internally to handle your marketing outreach, or you can work with marketing specialists.

There are many more technologies you can leverage to make sure your firm is making the most of available tools, but by implementing those listed above, you’ll be off to a great start.

Data Security and Compliance

It’s crucial to keep all private and personal data your firm acquires safe; Make sure to follow rules about client privacy when introducing new technology to make your firm’s workflow more efficient. A single incident where data gets exposed can lead to serious legal problems and damage your firm’s reputation.

When choosing software and technology, make sure it’s secure and protects client information. Look for strong protection features like data encryption, controlled access, and full backup options.

It’s also important to proactively monitor any new technology you use. This means regularly updating the software, training your team on security practices, and actively checking for any security weaknesses. This ongoing effort helps keep your firm’s data safe and in line with legal standards.

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Originally published August 3, 2020. Updated February 12, 2024.

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