Five Key Ways Cloud Technology Gives Your Firm An Edge

Using cloud technology is essential for law firms. Running a firm successfully requires a team with their feet planted firmly on the ground—but their tech in the cloud.

From internal communications and file sharing, to accessing and protecting data, cloud-based practice management software like backdocket is a way to give your firm the edge now and in the future.

Here are five ways every firm benefits from a cloud-based platform.

1. Allows You to Work Anywhere, Anytime

Being able to work from anywhere, anytime is a significant advantage for law firms. When all your firm’s documents and data reside in the cloud, it’s as if every member of your law firm has your entire business wherever they are.

An example of how this on-the-go aspect of the cloud can work is in the courtroom. It’s common for lawyers to use their phones in court to gain access to pertinent information or conduct business while waiting.

In fact, if you’re not accessing data and documents in court via the cloud, you’re already at a disadvantage. A 2020 American Bar Association study on mobile device use in the courtroom shows that 83% of the respondents reported using their phones in court.

Whether in the courtroom or at a personal appointment, lawyers can check messages, access data, and review calendars while they wait. This increased productivity is made possible by eliminating the hassle of traveling to pick up files and documents or accessing a physical desk. Wherever you are, you’re at the office.

2. Improves Internal Communication

A cloud-based platform improves a firm’s internal relationships as well as communication with their clients. When a law firm can share documents, exchange messages quickly, and update tasks and calendars, the entire firm wins—but nobody wins as much as their clients.

Cloud-based practice management software like backdocket facilitates speedy and responsive communication between attorneys and staff. It integrates with your calendars, allows smooth real-time collaboration, and keeps the team running like a well-oiled machine. Clients reap the rewards of solid internal communication, and happy clients equate to MORE clients.

Also, when firms can eliminate the frustration of communication roadblocks, it helps boost morale. High morale and impressive systems for communication also help firms attract and retain talent.

3. Saves Money on Operational Costs

Migrating to the cloud also offers law firms ways to cut costs. The savings associated with cloud-based services are significant, as you only pay for what you use. This means law firms can eliminate the need for system support or extra staff for maintenance on computer server software or hardware. 

Additionally, the move toward a more remote/hybrid model of work will minimize the need for additional office space for those staff members who no longer need a designated office workspace.

4. Improves Work-Life Balance

Embracing cloud technology means embracing a new and improved lifestyle. Getting a bit of freedom from the office allows lawyers to work at home and in the presence of their families when appropriate.

Much of the work lawyers do can be done at home or on the beach, and cloud-based workspaces can allow them to make it to their kids’ soccer games on time. There are no confines in the cloud, and this gives lawyers a better way to connect AND disconnect from work.

5. Increases Security

Security is one of the most important elements of running a law firm. Lawyers consistently deal with sensitive client information and documents that are confidential. The importance of ethical compliance cannot be understated, so document safety is at the heart of proper document management. That’s why we want attorneys to rest assured that their client information is secure and easy to access with cloud-based technology.

Client data is never lost because of server malfunctions. The data lives in multiple servers with reliable backup processes. When connection to one server is lost, the cloud allows you to access another while you wait to reconnect.

Another aspect of the cloud to help lawyers sleep better at night is encryption technology. This protects against cyberattacks and shields their clients’ information from hackers. With backdocket, we use multiple encryption methods to protect data. Our clients can know that all data uploaded to our servers is protected using the most reliable data security protocols.

Let backdocket Help You Move to the Cloud

Cloud technology helps firms scale operations, reduce costs, and ready their business for the present and future of remote and hybrid work. Your law firm can greatly benefit from using backdocket to transform the way your firm works, giving you a competitive edge.

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