Step-By-Step Guide for Organizing Your Client Intake Process

Client intake is your firm’s first impression, and as everyone knows, you only get one shot at those. The client intake process can be time-consuming for your firm and ultimately for your prospective clients. Making it easier for them makes it easier for your team.

At backdocket, we understand the value of a seamless intake process. We’re glad to share ways to make this process run so smoothly that it becomes a game-changer for your firm and makes an excellent impression on everyone who reaches out to your firm for help.

Download our free PDF to learn steps to organize and elevate your client intake process.

Guide to Organizing Intake Ebook

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Let backdocket Help Improve Your Intake

Let us show you how to get the most out of your intake process and make impressions that consistently lead to new clients. Reach out to see how backdocket can help through a free demonstration today.

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