How to Involve Your Staff When Implementing Practice Management Software

Using new practice management software can help your firm develop new processes and convert prospects into clients. However, it requires your employees to understand and fully use its features.

It may take time for your firm to adjust to new software, but your staff can enjoy its benefits with the proper training and onboarding processes. Discover how to involve your staff when implementing a new practice management platform for a smooth experience for all your team members.

Show the Benefits of the Software to Your Employees

With an onboarding specialist’s guidance, your lawyers and staff members can learn the benefits of the software from a display of the practice management software’s advantages. An in-person or virtual presentation can address staff concerns and show your team how much more efficient their jobs will be with the new system.

For instance, your firm may need help managing its documents effectively and spend a lot of money on paper, printers, and photocopiers. You can show that a cloud-based practice management system ensures that all files remain accessible and secure. Keeping track of documents and contacts can streamline your case management workflow for your firm.

All employees should receive training even if they use the software occasionally, so they know how to use it correctly. Educating lawyers and staff about legal technology and its benefits helps them commit to learning and understanding it.

Plan for the Training Process

An onboarding specialist can support your law firm by using practice management software to answer questions. Practice sessions and hypothetical scenarios allow staff to learn how the software works without hindering business operations and ongoing cases.

Incorporate training sessions into your weekly and quarterly team meetings and keep your team informed of the progress of the software implementation. Give your team a chance to experiment with the practice management software, including the functions they will use most often, such as managing claim ledgers.

Training opportunities can reduce anxiety inherent in learning new platforms, allowing employees to experiment and learn at their own pace.

Designate Super Users for the Software

Everyone at your firm should learn the new software; however, you may select a few employees to be super users. They should know about new technology and have in-depth legal terminology and workflow management knowledge. These staff members can learn new software faster, figure out the best workflow practices for your firm, and help others use the platform when needed.

Identify and involve these individuals as early as possible in the training process so they can support other team members. Ensure super users receive extensive training on how the software works, enabling them to assist colleagues during the transition.

Provide Incentives for Training

Employees may find it challenging to learn new software to accomplish their tasks. Motivating them with rewards and morale-boosting activities will help make the transition less stressful. The likelihood of people using the software increases if they know they will receive compensation for their efforts.

Incentives such as the following can help your employees become more enthusiastic about using the new software:

  • Lunch and learn sessions for all employees to learn about the platform and share their experiences
  • Billable hourly rates for attorneys who spend time learning the practice management system
  • Gift cards for staff members who complete the training early
  • Bonuses for employees who undergo additional training for the new software

Celebrate Successes with Your Firm

In time, staff and attorneys will see results from using the new practice management software as they become more proficient. Celebrating the results can boost engagement throughout the firm and demonstrate the value of the technology.

For example, firm-wide emails can highlight how the new platform has resulted in positive results. You can share how the software has increased potential clients who showed up to their consultations due to automated emails and follow-up calls initiated by the platform.

Celebrations should occur whenever a new process is developed and when a staff member notices a reduction in time spent on tasks that used to take hours.

Commit to Ongoing Learning with backdocket

Employees who understand the benefits of new legal technology can make the best of training and learning opportunities to use it. Backdocket’s onboarding specialists can help you determine your firm’s workflow and create a plan for implementing backdocket with your employees.

Schedule a demo with us today. Learn how backdocket’s functionalities can help your firm thrive with new processes.

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