How Cloud-Based Technology Can Improve Internal Relationships at Your Firm

Running a successful law firm requires constant communication at all levels, including between staff and clients. Your attorneys are responsible for simultaneously managing several cases containing sensitive client information, highlighting the need for real-time, easy-to-access reports and communication.

Taking advantage of cloud-based technology is essential to keeping your firm up-to-date with the best practices for security and accessibility. Cloud practice management software like backdocket lets your attorneys and staff members work more collaboratively within the firm and with clients through better communication and automated features.

Instant and Robust Employee Communication

A cloud-based platform can improve your law firm’s internal relations by allowing lawyers to communicate more easily with their clients. Employees need to share documents and messages quickly to meet customer demands for speed and responsiveness. A cloud-based practice management software facilitates instant communication between attorneys and staff members with a task-based system.

Attorneys can assign tasks to staff members based on the status of their cases. Upon completing a task, staff can take on new duties. Backdocket’s task management system enables entire law firms to collaborate on issues easily without waiting for emails and phone calls.

Using Office 365 and Google Calendar to integrate tasks and calendars allows everyone to communicate in real time about location and share ideas, leading to greater participation. For example, if an attorney has a client based in another state, they can use a cloud-based system to schedule meetings through Google Calendar on their smartphone or tablet.

Easy File Sharing

Managing information on separate computers can lead to employees accidentally saving different versions of documents. Misplacement of files can lead to confusion for everyone trying to work together on cases.

Collaboration and communication in law firms rely on transferring files between lawyers and staff members. A cloud-based system stores all documents in a central location. Having everyone access the same information allows them to maintain consistency and avoid human error. It also helps them keep track of revisions and updates to case files and offers access to real-time reports.

Flexible Remote Working

Cloud-based systems enable attorneys to collaborate from anywhere without being restricted to a physical office space. They can access the system while traveling between client meetings, court appearances, and their homes. These systems make it easy for staff members who live far away from the law firm office to stay in touch with clients and co-workers for a better work-life balance.

Employees can use a tablet, desktop, or smartphone that suits their preferences with cloud-based software. For example, lawyers can easily access and pull up client information in backdocket’s cloud-based system. They can also set up a task to let a legal secretary know when to reach out to another client and schedule a meeting about a case update.

Reliable Data Security

Cloud-based platforms use hosting services, which means they are located offsite in data centers. The full suite of capabilities is available to your employees, letting them work from anywhere and communicate with clients. As a result, your law firm and your clients can stay in touch with little to no downtime if unexpected circumstances arise.

Encryption methods protect vital data in backdocket. The data center’s security measures ensure that only authorized users have access to this information and that it remains secure from prying eyes. They also minimize the chances of accidentally sharing sensitive information with unauthorized individuals.

Improved Client Communication

A cloud-based practice management software enables employees to access information on current clients, ongoing intake processes, and key performance indicators (KPIs) without going through different applications. As a result, this cloud platform reduces errors and saves time.

By using the system, attorneys can readily access client information and update notes after every meeting or telephone conversation. This feature allows them to provide the highest quality legal representation without delay.

Additionally, cloud-based software can integrate with existing applications to sync data and strengthen work processes. For example, applications such as CallRail, Marketo, and Mailchimp can help those in marketing and business development to track marketing KPIs.

These applications allow staff members to segment leads and personalize communications with each client. They can manage prospect lists, plan tasks, and follow up as needed to nurture leads into clients.

Empower Your Law Firm with backdocket

Cloud-based platforms enable law firm employees to work collaboratively and create a healthy work environment. Backdocket’s cloud-based capabilities let law firms manage their employees remotely, track KPIs, and optimize the client experience.

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