How Cloud-Based Technology Helps Lawyers in the Courtroom

The work of many lawyers and other legal professionals extends beyond the walls of their offices. You go to local courts to file paperwork and visit your clients’ homes and offices to keep them updated on their cases.

Like many lawyers, you’re likely relying on your smartphone to stay in touch and access information in the courtroom. Phones in court are common. In fact, 83% of lawyers reported using their phones in court in 2020, according to the American Bar Association.

Cloud-based technology provides law firms the security and flexibility to stay on top of documents and cases. It also gives them the freedom to conduct business in less time and in real-time, increasing client satisfaction. At backdocket, we understand how important accessibility to information and to client-related communication is to your firm’s success. That’s why we want to share very specifically how cloud-based technology helps lawyers in the courtroom.

Better Access to Information

A cloud-based practice management platform can help attorneys save time looking for information when they have upcoming court appearances with their clients. They can access data from each client in real-time without logging into multiple software programs and sifting through emails.

Lawyers can see emails, documents, tasks, and meeting notes in one place to help stay updated with a case. Having access to their client’s claims, they can manage their workload and determine how to proceed with each case.

If a lawyer needs to know about a client’s treatment plan for a personal injury case, they can log into the platform to view their medical records. This allows them to speak about their knowledge of their client’s injuries during cross-examinations of expert medical witnesses. They can also easily update the client’s records on the platform if their medications have changed during litigation.

Improved Collaboration

Lawyers constantly deal with new clients, existing cases, and administrative issues. They have to stay up-to-date on the status of their cases. This means that lawyers must be able to communicate with their team with ease and access information quickly and efficiently.

Lawyers can spend too much time on emails and phone calls before they get all the information they need from their colleagues. Using cloud technology saves time on communication with other team members and allows lawyers to store documents securely and share them quickly.

Also, the use of cloud-based technology can help many attorneys improve their collaboration and work more efficiently across multiple devices. For example, they can see the real-time completion of tasks by paralegals, secretaries, and associates for every case.

Increased Productivity

Cloud-based technology offers increased productivity by eliminating the need to travel with physical files and documents. With just an internet connection and a laptop, attorneys can work on their cases from anywhere without worrying about losing important data due to hardware failure or theft.

Integrating Google and Microsoft Office 365 with cloud-based practice management software makes it easy for attorneys to share information with clients and colleagues immediately. As a result, attorneys can coordinate their efforts on more extensive cases, such as class action and complex litigation.

Enhanced Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of any law firm, especially regarding client information and confidential documents. Attorneys can rely on cloud-based platforms to keep their client information secure and accessible. Law firms experience minimal operational interruptions when their service providers add or update security patches on the platforms.

Client data is housed in multiple servers with backup processes that ensure access is never lost because of theft and natural disasters that can affect business operations. If a server malfunctions, the cloud storage system lets you access another server while re-establishing the connection to the original server.

These platforms use encryption technology to protect against hackers and unauthorized users accessing your clients’ sensitive information. As a result, lawyers can stay assured, knowing their client’s information remains secure against cyberattacks.

Cloud-Based Technology Can Work for Your Law Firm

Using cloud-based technology can help lawyers do everything from managing their workloads to focusing on preparing for trials and protecting their client’s interests. It also allows attorneys to access their data from anywhere at any time, whether by smartphone or laptop.

Backdocket lets anyone in your law firm access information to prepare for client meetings and court dates. Book a demo today with our onboarding specialist and discover how backdocket can enhance your workflows.

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