Top 3 Ways to Work Smarter and Not Harder When Running a Law Firm

Lawyers put in endless work hours, often without seeing results. Tasks like invoicing, intake, and other administrative and data management needs are non-billable hours that can be a time and resource drain. Streamlining your firm’s operations and using efficient solutions can enable you to work smarter, not harder, in pursuing your goals.

Administrative Tasks That Waste Time and Resources

Several administrative tasks can waste time and resources for a law firm. Improving on these practices can elevate your efficiency and increase revenue.

  • Client Intake: Handling client intake can often be time-consuming, requiring multiple phone calls and emails between the firm and the prospective client. 
  • Case File Management: Managing case files is a time-intensive administrative task that includes organizing documents, creating timelines, and keeping track of deadlines.
  • Generating Invoices: It can often take days or weeks to generate invoices for all completed work. Unfortunately, payment delays can present cash flow problems that jeopardize your business.
  • Improper Data Management: At its core, a law firm is a business. Like any business, it needs efficient data management to stay afloat. Law firms deal with large amounts of sensitive information daily. As a result, improper data management can lead to several problems for law firms, including reduced productivity, missed deadlines, and loss of clientele. Sometimes, it can even result in legal action against the firm due to poor security and data breaches.

Increase Revenue By Eliminating Inefficiencies

To make your law firm more efficient, take advantage of the top 3 ways to work smarter and not harder when running a law firm.

1.  Efficient Practice Management Software

An efficient law practice management system can help you manage your law firm productively. Software can automate various tasks to reduce your workload. You can use it to create and store documents, case information, appointments, contacts, and track billable hours.

Law practice management software can also create and manage client files, calendar appointments, to-do lists, and scheduling reminders. In addition, it can generate reports that can be used to improve your firm’s productivity.

By leveraging the power of flexible law firm management software, you can focus more on providing quality legal services to your clients.

2. Customize How You Manage Your Cases

Your law firm handles various cases, from personal injury and individual malpractice suits to class action cases. Backdocket helps you customize your practice management software to fit your practice’s specific needs. You can increase efficiency and improve outcomes by tailoring your system to the way you work.

Take a look at the way your firm is currently managing cases. Are there any areas where you could improve the process? Perhaps you could automate a manual data inputting system? Or maybe you’re not taking advantage of practice management software?

If you’re not using automation, backdocket can help you to start incorporating it into your workflow. Automating repetitive tasks such as uploading digital signatures for mail merge can free up time for you and your staff to focus on more important matters.

You may also want to consider changing the way you organize your data. Having a well-organized system makes it easier to find information when you need it and help you avoid mistakes. Additionally, conducting searches with custom fields can make accessing your data a quick, razor-sharp process.

3. Streamline Your Firm’s Operation

Streamline your firm’s operations by ensuring all your documents are organized and easily accessible. This includes client files and internal law firm documents.

From streamlined claim ledgers to automating your practice’s check requests, backdocket can save you valuable hours. Our record timeline tracking feature allows you to manage your workflow from an intuitive overview without having to search individual claims every time.

Your law firm is unlike any other; using your data efficiently can set you apart from your competition. Backdocket gives you the ability to track and collect specific metrics and can give you the power to remove the guesswork from your decision-making. Taking the best action can be as simple as analyzing the data, allowing your firm to run smoothly and seamlessly.

Start Working Smarter with backdocket

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