The Limitations of Servers: How the “Sky” is the Limit with Cloud-Based Technology

In the past, law firms seeking to computerize their data had to follow the same example as other businesses: setting up their own on-premises and hiring IT personnel to maintain them.

This approach is becoming increasingly antiquated, as on-premises servers are expensive and challenging to scale up as your firm grows. Cloud technology is today’s ideal solution for law firms looking to streamline business data management.

Discover how cloud practice management software can help your firm and the advantages of using the cloud over traditional servers.

Operational Cost-Savings

When law firms switch from in-house servers to cloud-based technology, they can save a lot of money on operational costs. Cloud-based services allow you to only pay for what you use, which means you spend less on maintenance costs and system support.

These savings lower the barrier for small-to-medium law firms to take advantage of cloud-based services and grow their businesses. Additionally, they eliminate the need for additional staff to troubleshoot and fix a computer server’s hardware and software.

Provides You Access Anywhere, Anytime

The cloud allows users to store data and documents in one location, improving work productivity and collaboration. According to a Pew Research study, 59% of Americans working from home do so all or most of the time.

According to Owl Labs, 86% of those working from home at least part of the time can better support and be present for their families. 84% report they would also be happier to work from home.

Cloud-based technology allows you to stay connected while traveling between offices, client meetings, and courtrooms. For instance, you can access records and refer to client notes while in a meeting with the client. Cloud-based practice management software offers you and your staff an effortless experience instead of working with paper notes and spreadsheets.

Most importantly, anywhere access lets you spend more time with your loved ones while staying on top of your caseloads.

Scale Your Business

Using cloud-based technology allows law firms to scale their legal services. Law firms no longer have to manually update their systems constantly since the cloud does it for them. A practice management software onboarding specialist can work with your firm to design a user-friendly interface with customizable fields.

Since a specialist can easily manage your cloud storage through the software, they can deploy new improvements quickly based on your firm’s preferences. This allows you to scale up at peak times, meet your clients’ needs, and make your workflows more efficient. Cloud technology provides greater flexibility without causing you to spend more on maintenance.

Back Up Your Data

A cloud-based practice management software platform, such as backdocket, can back up data if a server malfunctions. Whenever a server fails, the cloud storage system can transfer data to another server and reestablish a connection. As a result, the data in the cloud stays intact and accessible with no disruption.

Your practice management application specialist at backdocket can assist you with backing up and restoring your data since it is all in the cloud. Backup and recovery are more convenient than when using traditional in-house servers. Law firms that use cloud systems are less vulnerable to thefts or natural disasters with a lower reliance on physical servers.

Improved Security with Cloud Storage

Cloud computing relies on the internet, which could pose a security risk since hackers can exploit your internet connection to access your data. Using a customized practice management solution created by those who understand the operations of law firms keeps your sensitive data in a secure setting.

At backdocket, we use encryption techniques to prevent unauthorized access and loss of data to ensure all law firms keep their data secure. You can feel safe using our services because we maintain our servers with industry data security standards.

Our servers employ multiple encryption methods to protect all data uploaded on our servers, including the AES-256 encryption algorithm and the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols.

Backdocket can help you migrate to the cloud

Cloud services help law firms scale their operations, reduce costs, and future-proof themselves in an era of remote work and accessibility. Your law firm can benefit from using backdocket to maximize performance and manage sensitive data.

If your firm is ready for digital transformation, contact us to book a practice management service demo.

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