How to Make Sure Your Intake Process Leaves a Great First Impression

Client intake is the process of collecting all the relevant information to open a legal case for a potential new client. While the intake process can be time-consuming for both the client and law firm, there are ways to ensure it goes smoothly and leaves the client with a great first impression.

Keep your firm running efficiently and leave your clientele impressed by committing to an intake process rule set, conducting a client pre-screen, and integrating intake into your practice management software.

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Backdocket Can Help Grow Your Firm

At backdocket, our practice management software is tailored to small and mid-sized law firms. When firms retain new clients and hire new lawyers, organization and efficiency are essential to success. That’s why backdocket has a selection of tools to support your firm’s growth.

Contact our team to schedule a free demonstration of all the benefits of your firm using backdocket.

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