Conquer Your Law Firm’s Calendar with These 3 Strategies

Running a successful law firm of any size requires supreme organization. Nothing should ever be left to chance or memory. Because the more a firm grows, the more there is at stake. You have daily schedules, tasks, and assignments of a growing staff to keep up with while you stay on top of client matters like court deadlines.

At backdocket, we understand that missing legal deadlines and important milestones related to your client base can have serious consequences. And to alleviate any concern our clients have around these deadlines, we integrated a calendar management feature into our practice management software. We’d be happy to schedule a free demonstration of this feature and our other practice management tools anytime.

But in the meantime, we want to share a few tips here for improving your firm’s calendar management.

3 Strategies to Improve Your Firm’s Calendar Management

  • Make sure accessing your calendar is easy. When you can centralize your calendar and quickly see the schedule for your entire firm, it’s a gamechanger. Having an easily accessible and in-depth look at the daily tasks and deadlines of everyone at your firm from anywhere and at any time is key. And it can help inform your management decisions and put everyone on the same page.
  • Work collaboratively in one calendar:  An efficient calendaring system affects everyone involved in your firm’s business. From colleagues to clients to co-counsels and more, having your calendar available in one place allows you to keep everyone informed. And another way to keep every aspect of your firm’s business accessible is to use cloud-based technology to allow everyone to collaborate in almost real time.
  • Sync all calendars:  You may use Microsoft and Google calendars, but this can often scatter information and the clear picture needed for managing your firm’s calendar. Syncing your calendars is a necessity, and a good practice management software can help you connect them and keep them current no matter where you make updates. This will help with the collaboration we mention above. It’s also customizable, so you can control who sees what.

See How Backdocket Can Help You Conquer Your Calendar

These are just a few areas where your firm can elevate your calendar management and ultimately your firm’s profitability. And we’re glad to share that backdocket’s practice management software can help you with all we mention here and more.

From keeping track of upcoming events, to tracking more billable hours, to keeping a watch on your entire firm’s schedule, backdocket has you covered. If you want to learn more about how we can help you get the most out of your calendaring system, contact us today to schedule your free demonstration.

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