Why Is It Important to Have Consistent Client Contact—And How to Ensure It’s Happening?

Busy personal injury law firms often find themselves in reactive states, especially when communicating with clients. Instead of reaching out proactively to their clients, they’re constantly responding to client calls.

This can lead to clients feeling like they’re their own case manager, and it creates productivity bottlenecks for team members who respond to client calls.

At backdocket, we believe there’s a better way: consistently calling your clients to touch base on their medical treatment and developments in their cases. This simple but often overlooked process can save your firm time and lead to happier, healthier clients.

We’ve created a free guide to establishing a consistent client contact process at your firm.

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At backdocket, We’re Committed to Growing Law Firms

Backdocket is a practice management software specifically designed to meet the needs of small- to mid-size law firms. When you’re growing a firm, efficiency and organization are essential, which is why backdocket offers tools to help law firms overcome the challenges they’re facing.

If you’d like to learn more about the many benefits of using backdocket, contact our team today and schedule a free demonstration.

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