Is Your Firm’s Task Management Process Effective?

Regardless of a law firm’s staff size or caseload, task management is a vital part of ensuring that cases are handled efficiently, and clients stay happy.

If your law firm already has a process to manage your team’s tasks, it’s always helpful to review it periodically to ensure optimal performance. And if your firm has never even thought about this process, then it’s time to get started.

Why Task Management Is Key to Your Firm’s Success

Staying organized is essential when you’re handling a client’s claim. The last thing your law firm wants is to be the one slowing down the case. When you have a fleshed-out task management system in place, you won’t be struggling to keep up; instead, you’ll be the one leading the way—as it should be!

5 Tips to Take Your Firm’s Task Management to the Next Level

At backdocket, we’ve worked with many law firms to ensure their tasks are easily accessible and tracked through our practice management software. We’ve based our customizable dashboards on the needs of our clients, which is why they’re so beneficial right out of the box.

These five primary steps to successful task management help the law firms that use backdocket be more efficient and collaborative with their teammates:

Make Sure Tasks Are Sorted by Team Member and Claim

Having the ability to assign a task to specific team members and sort tasks by the specific case ensures that you’ll always know the status of a claim. You can easily identify bottlenecks and help overwhelmed team members get the help they need.

Track Your Tasks Daily

It’s important to know exactly what you need to accomplish on a given day, so you can stay on top of your to-do list. At backdocket, we accomplish this by sending a daily digest email with a list of tasks that need to be completed.

Set Up Notifications for Task Completions

If other team members aren’t notified of new tasks or when a task is reassigned to them, your firm risks falling behind in moving a case along. This is where notifications can make all the difference. As soon as a team member’s portion of the task is complete, the person responsible for the next portion of the task should be notified.

Sync Your Tasks to and From Your Calendars

So many of us rely on Outlook or Google to stay on top of our responsibilities. This is why your task management process should be integrated with these platforms. At backdocket, we give users the opportunity to sync tasks to and from Outlook and Google.

Track the Status of Your Tasks

Sometimes, you just need a snapshot of a claim’s progress. This is where status tracking is invaluable for law firms. When you use backdocket, you can quickly see whether a task is pending, in progress, completed, or behind schedule.

Curious to Learn More About backdocket?

If you’re looking for a solution to your law firm’s growing pains, then backdocket is here to help. Powerful task management tools are just one of many reasons why our clients become more efficient and communicative at work.

At backdocket, we help our clients by giving them a platform that tracks contacts, intake, claim management, calendars, check approvals, merge templates, lead management, and so much more.

Learn more about our customizable dashboards and how backdocket can grow your firm by contacting our team for a free demonstration.

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