Signs That It’s Time For Your Law Firm to Take Marketing Seriously

There comes a point in the lifespan of a law firm when smart marketing tactics can take it to greater heights. In some cases, marketing is used to break through plateaus. In others, it turbocharges existing growth.

Whether you’ve always been eager to start marketing your law firm or you’ve previously resisted the idea, it’s important to understand when marketing is no longer optional.

Here are a few signs that it’s time for your law firm to take marketing to the next level.

Your Firm’s Growth Has Stagnated

If your firm has seen sustained growth over months or years only to hit a plateau, then it might be necessary to launch a marketing campaign. When you’re at this stage, you likely already have the pieces in place to accommodate new growth; you just need to generate interest in your firm through advertising.

Your Only Sources of New Business Are Referrals

Referrals alone can take firms to some very lucrative places, but there is a limit on how much you can grow if you rely solely on word of mouth from former clients. Consider leveraging the positive reviews you’ve received from former clients to create a stronger online presence and an impactful advertising campaign.

Your Brand Awareness Is Nonexistent

In competitive markets, brand awareness makes the difference between a successful and a failing law firm. Your team can be skilled and offer exceptional service, but still fall short of your goals if no one in your market knows who you are.

The good news is that raising brand awareness doesn’t necessarily mean a costly ad campaign. You can even focus on digital marketing or community involvement to help raise your firm’s profile in your community.

You’re Expanding into a New Market

When you’re hoping to establish a foothold for your law firm in a new market, you should strongly consider doing so via a new marketing campaign that introduces your firm to potential clients. That’s especially true if the market you’re targeting is competitive.

You Want a Specific Case Type

If your firm is making a push for a new type of case, you need to let your community know about it. Perhaps you’ve already built a reputation for handling personal injury cases, but you’ve recently brought in seasoned attorneys who practice family law. In that case, now is the perfect time to create a marketing budget and campaign to let people know about your new offering and push for more of those cases.

Is There Ever a Bad Time to Start Marketing?

Certain types of advertising aren’t the best fit for smaller or struggling firms. For example, if your firm has little-to-no money to allocate to marketing, and you’re struggling to handle the cases you already have, investing in a massive television advertising campaign simply isn’t an option.

However, there are almost always ways of marketing your firm that don’t involve a huge marketing war chest. For example, having a simple but solid website, setting up your Google My Business profile, and encouraging your former clients to leave reviews is far less cost prohibitive than a major advertising blitz in your market.

It’s important that you or someone else at your firm is always thinking about your outreach and looking for ways to maximize the tools you have at your disposal.

Let backdocket Help You Grow Your Firm

At backdocket, we’ve worked with many law firms that are in the exact position you’re currently in. Being a small- to mid-size law firm definitely has its challenges, but your opportunities for growth are likely far greater than you realize.

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