The 6 Most Important Traits for a Law Firm Manager

A law firm manager has arguably the most important role in the organization. They make sure that the firm is efficient and successful. That’s no small feat, and it requires several key traits, from organizational skills to problem solving abilities.

Let’s look at six of the most important traits law firm managers need to succeed.

Highly Organized

As the person in charge of structuring the inner processes of the firm, a manager must possess excellent organizational skills. Whether they’re managing their own or others’ time, a manager must be able to map out how the firm can reach its short- and long-term goals with its available resources.

Works Well Under Pressure

The job of a manager is never-ending, and at times, it can be demanding. Whether dealing with law firm partners, staff members, or clients, they’ll need to do so calmly and with a clear mind. The ideal law firm manager handles and even thrives under pressure and has the ability to appear calm when coworkers are stressed out.

Excellent Communication Skills

Good law firm managers communicate clearly and effectively with their team members. Time is often scarce at law firms, and the execution of key tasks depends on the ability of the manager to articulate who needs to do what and when tasks should be carried out. Though managers don’t have to be exceedingly gentle in their communications, they should be patient and understanding in how they communicate with team members.

Problem Solving

An endless number of fires can pop up on any given day in a busy law firm. It’s imperative that a manager knows how to put out these fires. Whether it’s dealing with an angry client or finding solutions when a key team member is unexpectedly unavailable, managers must be able to find fast and effective solutions to any given problem.

Ability to See the Big Picture

Though it’s easy to get lost in the weeds of the daily grind, a law firm manager is always thinking about how processes play into the firm’s overall mission and bottom line. What is truly important? What can be dealt with later? How does a process help a firm grow? These are all questions that a manager must grapple with to help a firm thrive.

Ability to Delegate Tasks

Even if a manager occasionally needs to jump into the trenches with coworkers to help solve problems, they also have the ability to delegate tasks when appropriate. The best managers don’t micromanage every problem. They understand their team members’ abilities, and they delegate tasks to help them be more productive.

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