How a Practice Management Software Elevates Customer Experience

Law firms often get trapped into thinking that clients’ opinions about their firms, positive or negative, are based solely on the results their attorneys achieve. But customer service in the legal field is about so much more than just dollar figures and settlement checks.

Clients have expectations about each step of their journeys with your law firm. The better service you offer them throughout those journeys, the more likely those clients will be to recommend your firm to others.

Practice management software is an invaluable tool for law firms looking to improve their relationships with clients. It offers new, endless opportunities to wow clients. Let’s look at five stages of a client’s experience with a law firm to see how practice management software elevates customer service throughout the process.

Stage One: Prospects

Keeping track of and staying in touch with prospects is fundamental to growing a law firm. Today’s prospects are tomorrow’s clients, so you need a system to ensure you’re not ignoring their needs or slipping from their minds.

Practice management software keeps your prospects front-and-center by offering centralized lists of people who are considering hiring your firm. You can categorize your prospects by their stage in the journey to hiring you, whether they’ve simply expressed interest or they’ve reached out for a free consultation. Some practice management software will even remind you that it’s time to reach out to a prospect.

When you use this system to your advantage, you’ll impress prospects by showing them your interest in and knowledge of their cases, making them more likely to consider you over your competitors.

Stage Two: Onboarding

Onboarding is essential to the overall success of your client’s case. It’s also an opportunity to cut down on unnecessary follow-ups with clients. Nail your onboarding, and your prospects will know from day one that they made the right choice when hiring your law firm.

Practice management software can also provide your firm’s team members with a list of questions to ask a new client to make sure you don’t miss any important information at intake.

That information can be updated by anyone on your team who has access to the client’s information when new information or changes are available.

Stage Three: Case Management

Once a case is underway, you have the chance to show your client your firm’s capabilities. The more you stay on top of a case, the less worry and effort a client needs to devote to their own case.

Practice management software can automate key processes of managing a case, such as records requests and appointment reminders. Instead of reacting to a client’s request, you can use reminders from your practice management software to proactively update your client on the status of their case.

Client information can also be accessed easily by anyone on your team with permissions, so a client never has to wait for their attorney to be available if they have questions.

Stage Four: Case Resolution

Obviously, results are the core reason a client hired you. The better the result, the more satisfied the client. Practice management software helps you keep cases in perpetual movement toward that result.

When you use a management software, your cases can be resolved more quickly and often with a more satisfactory result for your client. Practice management software ensures that delays in your client’s case are never due to your firm’s oversight.

Stage Five: Follow-Up

When your client’s case is resolved, you can continue to deepen your relationship with them by regularly following up. Practice management systems can prompt past clients for reviews and feedback. It can even remind you to reach out to former clients at regularly scheduled intervals.

Follow-up is often overlooked by firms, but you can and should capitalize on the opportunity to leave a lasting impression on your clients. With more positive reviews, your firm becomes more visible online. And with a slew of happy clients, your firm is cultivating word-of-mouth referrals that will help your firm reach even more quality leads.

Gain a Powerful Advantage in Each Step of Your Client’s Journey

Your firm has opportunities throughout each phase of your client’s journey with your team. Practice management software offers automation, reminders, and several other features that make it easy to offer outstanding customer service.

If you’ve committed to adding a practice management software, we want to hear from you. Backdocket is a practice management software specifically designed to grow small- to mid-size law firms. We tailor our software’s features to meet your needs, and we are highly responsive to client requests for adjustments to our system.

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